8 thoughts on “A night at the studio…

  1. To those who are curious who Boboi is.. he’s right there next to JennyM. The one with glasses. haha he’s not young at all!

  2. so confident to tell others who is he, do u knw him? or else u r someone inside kristal who’s trying to promote urself by telling others u knw boboi? hahahhaa

  3. Yes i am confident. He’s a good friend of my dad. He’s the same age as my dad. He’s quite old. Remember the launch of Boboi Album? Everyone was wondering where he was. He didnt appear right? But he was just looking at the stage from the 1st floor. haha

  4. ahahahaha are you sure he didnt appear?? cant you remember he was onair with uncle izzat?? maybe you’re right but not 100% ahahhaha funny you

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