Breast Cancer Awareness Night

Pics from the Breast Cancer Awareness Group talk organised by TAIB at OGH last night.


There was a large turnout of ladies, young and younger…



Dr Teo giving an informative presentation on breast cancer. Her message was clear:

“When breast cancer is detected early and treated promptly, suffering and ultimately the loss of life can be significantly reduced.”


A very inspirational survivor, Masjuwita, shared her experiences in her battle with breast cancer from the moment she was diagnosed. Her concluding remarks brought tears from many present.

“Each morning I wake up is merely another blessing and another beautiful gift from Allah, who has granted me another day to live. I have a life to live, a beautiful family to live for. I will continue this journey. A journey of a fighter and a survivor. I will prove that I can win this battle. I have cancer but cancer doesn’t have me. I have faith in Allah and the fate from Allah binds me, the chosen miracle.”



Author: Reedz