Totally Random Saturday

by Reedz on November 11, 2007

Yesterday was one of those totally random days where
you’re everywhere and nowhere at the same time…


Finally paid a visit to The Other Office and tried da gangsta’s favorite dish,
Lontong Special. Stay-tuned for the review…


Attended the Breast Cancer Awareness talk held by BISTARI…


The Civil Service Day exhibition was launched by His Majesty at the ICC.
This year, ICT seems to be taking center stage… Look out for my post on the
Infocom Federation of Brunei in cnet Asia soon…




Attended the Goodeggs’ housewarming/open house last night…


This lady brought the house down with her sultry vocals…


Thank you Emma and Bobby for a wonderful night!
The food was fantastic and the entertainment was great!
Look forward to the next soirée heheh!

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