Spark BMC Hari Raya Open House

Pics from the Spark BMC Hari Raya Open House which was held at the Liang Lumut Recreational Club yesterday. There was an excellent turnout of people mostly from the surrounding areas. There was great food, bouncers, games, lucky draws, and karaoke. A fun afternoon for this shooter enjoying the seabreeze and capturing all those kodak moments 🙂


It was an overcast day, so not so hot…

IMG_8021 IMG_8024

There was an abundance of raya food…


This aunty won herself a Dell notebook… sweeet!


“Kids” waiting for free ice cream…

IMG_8056 IMG_8057

IMG_8058 IMG_8077

All sorts of activities for both young and old…


This young lass was belting out raya songs and
entertaining the crowd… very talented singer


Author: Reedz