More from the HSBC Charity Grand Prix

It was a brilliant day filled with all kinds of activities for young and old. Fellow sharpshooter Aku has taken the initiative to sell his wonderfuL (lawa L merah atu geng?) pictures from that day with all proceeds going to SMARTER Brunei. I think this is a wonderful gesture on his part so lets all support him! Please visit his site for further details!


The CEO pondering on his speech…


Jason and his busy colleagues


 IMG_7692 IMG_7717


IMG_7737 IMG_7740

IMG_7741 IMG_7748

Author: Reedz

3 thoughts on “More from the HSBC Charity Grand Prix

  1. kanta: heheh awu, L merah atu jua bah… distracting heheh

    E: It was nice seeing u and Hazel that morning. Pity I had to leave shortly after that. Was looking forward to photographing the big bikes… 🙁

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