CfBT Charity Fun Run at Serasa

What a lovely morning it was for a fun run! The turn out was fantastic and everyone had a great time running/walking the 2km right  up to 10km. More importantly, organizers managed to raise over B$10,000.00 for the SMARTER kids! Hats off the CfBT team for making this happen! Well done people!


Waiting for the run to start


Semua jua anakbrunei bah ah…


Ready, Set, Go!


There were all sorts present… 😛


Breakfast after the run


SMARTER president thanking the crowd

Author: Reedz

1 thought on “CfBT Charity Fun Run at Serasa

  1. Hats off to Malai and the SMARTER team – Malai is truely an inspiration. I keep thinking about Leaders and ‘Bleaters’ – he is a leader who takes so many people from so many walks of life to a level they would not achieve on their own. (A ‘bleater’ is a
    sheep who complains about everything, but does nothing about it).

    Hats off to Sophie and the CFBT for organising the event – $10,000 to a great cauze!

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