For all of you who voted…

Yes all of you who stood up and claimed your identity as sons and daughters of Brunei… for those of you near and far who said “YES! I am anakbrunei too!”. This is for you:


My deepest appreciation to all who voted for! This was a voting game and the outcome is a result of YOUR votes! Terima kasih banyak2 anakbrunei sekalian!

It couldn’t have been a closer race! In the end, only one vote separated the winner and the runner-up! To those who made it to the top five, Shimworld, Sheshoots, Blindaseachother, and bro Ucingitam, well done! If anything, this whole exercise has pushed us all to work that little bit harder at our sites!

Big-up to DST Multimedia, Simpur, and the sponsors for the great prizes which provided the motivation and gives meaning to this award. Catch me on the Jenny M show tomorrow where I’ll be talking to Jenny about this big grin on my face! πŸ˜€


Mr Shooter T-Shirt is part of the She-Shoots collection.
Little Miss Bossy is part of the Little Misses collection.


Author: Reedz

12 thoughts on “For all of you who voted…

  1. Said it once, said it twice, said it more times than I should or need to but I’ll say it again …. Congratz! πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats AnakBrunei!

    Keep it up and since you’re now going into nature photography too, do look out for anything purple ya?

  3. Jan: Tks dude! Sure was a gillette mach 3! Here’s a snippet of my nomination email which speaks for itself:

    “Jan Shim’s Shimworld is a regularly updated, stylish, informative blog full of wonderful images both within and outside Brunei. He has a separate section for Food and Travel posts, which I like cos it allows the viewer to narrow in on the subject matter.

    Recently, Jan’s charity drive for Leukaemia patient Desmond Chin was met with plenty of support from within and outside Brunei. This is a testament to the power of the internet to do good and I am looking forward to more of these initiatives from Jan.

    Most importantly of course, is the fact that Jan delivers on his blog’s motto, “A moment lived, a journey shared”. “

  4. David: Tks bro πŸ™‚

    Kantalensa: naik pulang semangat kan mukun ni bro! JC Sunday?

    Che: Heheh I think if it was black lagi ngam tu πŸ˜›

    O&L: Tks heheh I’d be more than happy to be she shoots ambassador, but 3 of you must become anakbrunei covergirls… deal?

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