Spot the differences!


It all started when Alphashooter posted the image above for comments from
fellow Bruneiforever forumers…


I posted this slightly tweaked and cropped version. Someone then commented that it’d look much better without the tree, which I agree with… but the shot’s been taken, so what to do?


The taichi master decided to jump in with a chain saw and cut down the tree! Then this other fella said how about getting rid of the water in the lagoon then?


Taichi master brought out the water pump from one of his construction sites,
and pumped away all the water in the lagoon…


Author: Reedz

16 thoughts on “Spot the differences!

  1. the tai chi master should setup a tai chi photoshop editing class, i think alot of ppl want to know his tai chi skills. Nice editing Sifu.

  2. Frankly, the 3rd photo is better than the others. To sync with the background with her single posed. She looks enjoy with the breeze ‘angin sepui sepui’. Kwah kwah kwah… anyways, background should be more friendlier not to drain off the pool instead giving a piece of desert for her. Panas kali ah…

  3. Umi: awu durang ani bagai2 bah! ada saja kan di komen heheh! Sampai air dlm lagoon pun lanyap!

    Ahim: Weeiiii… family show here heheh!

    Nonnie: Pimple only meh??? heheh!

    RF/Dave/Jan: tuuuuu…. macam2 kan…

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