Black Cat’s Engagement

Congratulations to bro Ucingitam and Mrs Ucingitam to be, on their engagement yesterday! Thanks for the invite and look forward to the BIG day!



IMG_2286 IMG_2283

The pros were there in full force…



How come the shot is blurred??




Author: Reedz

10 thoughts on “Black Cat’s Engagement

  1. Salam, anakbrunei.

    I saw my picture with a friend in your website during the ‘pertunangan’ ceremony yesterday afternoon. That was a pleasent surprise!!


  2. hey reeda, thanx for my sis’s engagement coverage…the big day will soon come..and it will be a very tiring period…haha…just like yesterday…

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  4. Anon: Tks but it’d be nice to know which picture it was 🙂

    Darkblack: No worries bro, and I’m sure it will be exhausting!

    CPS: membari kamboh jua 10-20 atu ah!!!

  5. AB: Ah … indoor balcony … I thought ada TV basar … 😛 And “literary sense of humour” … apa ke benda tu ? Heheh … Thanx, man.

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