How agile are you?

Fellow photographer, David Cheok recently expanded his service offerings to include videography as well. As any photographer or videographer will tell you, photography and videography are two different ball games altogether. Differing workflows, differing mode of thinking, i.e. stills vs video, not to mention differing equipment! When I viewed his work recently, I was awestruck by how fast he climbed the learning curve! Then again, I’m not surprised, given the tenacity and never-say-die attitude which brought him to the top of his game in Brunei’s photographic industry. So, hats off to you Mister, and I look forward to your work improving by leaps and bounds!

Dream Charter from David Cheok on Vimeo.


Author: Reedz

3 thoughts on “How agile are you?

  1. Thanks for the review and compliments mate… You’re not doing too bad yourself with your photography 🙂 I think you’re a natural photojournalist in possible meaning of the word. Good linguistic ability with talent in vision. Keep it up, m8!

    As for my video.. at the moment, its still a ‘hobby’. Everyone still prefers me to shoot photos and seems like the market is still places a higher value of stills rather than motion. However, I’d like to produce short clips rather than full length movies so am going to concentrate on commercial work rather than wedding videos. A couple of us have recently negotiated a deal for a studio btw.. somewhere early next year, we will have a studio space to use 🙂 I plan to make use of that space to improve my video production skillsets. Insyallah.. hehehe. WIll send out invites on a soft launch but be aware that this studio is not open to the public but rather our private workspace.. well.. at least for now.

  2. Here’s hoping Brunei will have a well known Photo/Video community, not just locally but hopefully internationally, too.

    There’s enough Bruneians out there living abroad to spread the word for us.

    The studio sounds like a great idea. Good Luck with that adventure.

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