Last outing for 2007

After our final Jingchew session for the year this morning, Ahim, Ber, Artyeo, Headache298, da missus, and I went on a mini outing to tamu kianggeh. It was nice to re-visit the place after quite some time… still a beehive of activity and countless kodak moments… But before that, some pics from JC:


The second loudest table this morning…


Not sure who took this pic, but since it was in Abigail’s memory card, I claim it hehehe!


Future Canon user in action… hehehe RACUN…


CLICK! I just discovered that the infrared remote does not work on Abigail. It takes nothing less than a wireless radio transmitter to TURN HER ON and get her going…


I like the way Abigail interprets my vision…


Jewellery anyone?


Local fish trap


This reminds me of a Hari Raya ad that Petronas ran last year…


I wonder what 2008 holds for this delapidated eyesore?

Author: Reedz

3 thoughts on “Last outing for 2007

  1. Hehheeh .. the man DOing the coconut.. i have a similar picture arah my photoblog..hhaha i wonder why ahh? hahaha

  2. Zulkhairi: heheh andangnya tu bro… we can see different interpretations of the same shot of the same subject heheh. You were very lucky to get one on one tutorial from one of our Bruneiforever pros… too bad I had to leave early 🙁

    Alan: Its these kinds of shots that make street photography my true passion 🙂

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