Anugerah Pelangi Press Conference

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Following the successful Anugerah Pelangi 2006/2007 at the Jerudong Park Amphitheatre recently, a press conference was held for the winners of the various categories in the awards. Present at the press conference were ZulF (Best male vocal), Maria (Best female vocal), The Seeds (Best duo/group vocal, Eswandee (Best Song), Sizzlin’ Siti from Origin Artistic (Special Awardee), some of the PelangiFM DJ’s, along with members of the media.

One of the interesting comments I got was from The Seeds’ guitarist, Hardee, who was responding to a question regarding whether they would like to market themselves abroad. He said, “Selama ani, artis Brunei saja yang membawa lagu2 artis Malaysia dan Indonesia. Kenapa inda artis Malaysia dan Indonesia pulang yang membawa lagu2 kitani?”. I think that with the quality of stuff coming out of our local talent, that time is not that far off…


L to R: Eswandee, The Seeds, ZulF, and Maria


ZulF introducing himself


Maria’s still in school you know?


These two boys got enough talent between them to go a long way


Siti giving her views on the local music industry

IMG_4508 IMG_4418


Whose mystery appendages are these?


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6 thoughts on “Anugerah Pelangi Press Conference

  1. Congratulation to all the Winner… All the song were great. Especially the ‘Kau tetap miliku’ , i like this the most. Wish you all the luck. Go for it.

  2. Alan: Yes I love that song too. We were treated to the story behind that song, told by the composer, Eswandee. Will post it some time heheh

    Z-P: I wonder WHY you like it so much… 😛

    GoKiL: Yup me too, and with outfits like Projectunes, Phuturephase, and Origin Artistic, its just a matter of time before our artists make it to the BIG stage! Lets support our local music industry!

  3. Tahniah buat artis-artis negara ketani seperti Zul F, Maria dan The Seeds kerana telah berjaya membuka mata orang-orang ketani…mereka memang hebat and berbakat besar.Masing-masing ada kelebihan tersendiri…apa lagi peminat-peminat mereka.I’m so proud of them….sokong lah diorang ani sampai bila2….

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