Ultimate Indulgence

One thing that’s for certain in any of E’s dinners is that the word "Indulgence" will spring to mind. Tonight was no different, as the other guests and I indulged ourselves in a meal that will not be soon forgotten… Terima kasih banyak2 E for the wonderful dinner! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in your wonderful new home!




Look at that S-Car Go!


Anchovy garlic dip in abundance!


Perfect prawn salad starter


Enjoying the escargot


The table was cosy and abundant with top notch cuisine


E’s Beef Shank Stew was a hearty delight!


The buttery mashed potatoes and the stew were best of friends


And the grilled vegetables kept the two best friends together


Dessert was a fruity chocolate affair




Bunny’s lovely mango puff pastry topped the meal off nicely with a cuppa tea…

Author: Reedz

8 thoughts on “Ultimate Indulgence

  1. Hello Reeda and Jeeda – thank you for your company last night and for the great photos. It was such fun to cook, and share a meal with all of you. E.

  2. AB, hehe next time invite me to join you ih..yummmmy…time ku meliat ani time ku dtemburong .. atu ya .. tais liur ku berabis. Paksa minum air bnyk2 supaya kanyang hehehee … hahahaha kadai sudah tutup by 9 hahahaha πŸ˜€

  3. Wow~~ after all those year…..you still stay true to your culinary expertise!

    Well done and the foods look exquisite!

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