The Race for a Living Planet Continues…

Sefli runs. He runs very well. Sefli Ahar recently represented Brunei Darussalam in the Standard Chartered Greatest Race on Earth, third leg marathon series in Mumbai. The Greatest Race on Earth (GROE) is the world’s only marathon team relay series, run across four of the most exotic cities on the planet. Created and sponsored by Standard Chartered since 2004, it is now entering its fourth successful series, with prize money of USD 1.08 million on offer to the teams taking part – the largest guaranteed prize pool in world athletics.


Sefli with other national runners from other countries


Taking in the sights


Sefli reaching the finishing line

Sefli completed the full marathon with a time of 2hr 52min 21sec in 25th position ahead of runners from Philippines, Singapore and Mexico. Brunei is currently placed 29th position in the overall team series ahead of countries Tanzania, South Korea and Chinese Taipei and considering Brunei’s exposure in the sport of running, the nation is doing impressively well.

While the physical race is all about elite runners, Brunei is also involved in the race in a wholly different way – The Race for A Living Planet. In this Race, Standard Chartered has also launched the Race for A Living Planet where they have partnered up with the World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) to provide US$1 million to the top three countries who acquire the most environmental pledges per capita, which Brunei Darussalam is currently in second position. The funding will go towards the winning country’s environmental conservation projects and is part of Standard Chartered Bank’s commitment to the environment in the Race for a Living Planet, which is linked to the Greatest Race on Earth marathon. You can help keep Brunei on top of the listings by making your environmental pledges. Visit to pledge and to find out more about how we can race for a living planet.

Author: Reedz