24th National Day – Rehearsal

Pics taken this afternoon during the national day rehearsals. It was wet and windy but the show went on. All the participants displayed excellent patriotic spirit by giving a jolly good show regardless of the weather. Well done all!




One of these chaps went to school with me….



IMG_7663 IMG_7763

The roses among the thorns…




Muckin’ about with the shutter speed…


After the rush… click here for the slideshow

Author: Reedz

3 thoughts on “24th National Day – Rehearsal

  1. Hi AB, I’ve been lurking around your site for quite some time. Are you even capable of taking a bad picture? I love every single one of your pics. Are you considering publishing your work in a book or something?

  2. Anonymous: Wow… I’m not quite sure how I should take your comment 🙂 Should I be flattered or inspired? If so, then thank you indeed for those really kind words…

    For every good shot that you see here, there are a hundred bad ones that didn’t “make the cut”, so hell yeah I’m more than capable of taking a bad picture heheh!

    It would certainly be a dream realized if I were even featured in a major publication let alone have my work published in a book 🙂

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