24th National Day – Tunas Bangsa

[audio:Kool and the Gang – Celebration.mp3]
Jenny M was spinning this number on the radio on my way home just now… How apt!

What a morning it was! The weather was clear, the turnout was awesome, and the event, picture perfect! 24 years of independence celebrated in one full-on morning. The number of photographers must have tripled from last year! Anyway, these are some of the pics from this morning. The rest of the pics are here 🙂 Enjoy!


National day is a time for reflecting…


I think this was my shot of the day…


Mr Biryani, Gunpowder, and Rock Music



Mr & Mrs BR 🙂


Mr Kembara



Mr & Mrs Saloo



Our awesome athletes who just came back from a successful games in Thailand


That hand belongs to someone’s daddy 😉

BFF Freestyle

Nearly 40 photogs from BruneiForever Forum descended upon the field this morning…

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17 thoughts on “24th National Day – Tunas Bangsa

  1. hehe lawa2 gambar nya hehe 😀 really shud have stuck beside you. Hahahha got just one picture yang sama .. hehehe

  2. Assalammualaikum, Reeda, thanks for taking my pic. You are a great sport! By the way, this morning’s event was great!! Picture perfect!!

  3. BabyGirl: yes rugi besar tu… everyone can watch the parade in the comfort of their living rooms, but then they don’t “feel” the occasion heheh

    Headache: tks heheh… no need to stick beside me bro… there are infinite “kodak moments” especially during events like this morning… just need to see what’s not there 🙂

    Liza: wslm, no worries hehe! Sampat lagi posing tuuu heheh!

    az.i.an: awu lurus tu.. jangan diubah lagi hehehe!

  4. I’m so glad to see how our team expanded, hope more and more will join, by next year we ought to book the whole Babu kitchen just for us 🙂

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  7. I still remember our first meeting and outing at JC, one table for 6 only… I’m glad to see how the team had grown and most important is to see more and more of the younger generation taking interest in photography.

  8. SyazliE: Yeah it was a fantastic opportunity to capture the group.. unfortunately some of us were missing at that time 🙁

    Nonnie: Mo-tai-ye Ah-mui 😛

    UI: Awu next year, Babu Kitchen atu tepaksatah booking awal tu eh 🙂

    Zul: Jangan cakap… rehat tah ko dulu… hahahah

    kanta: Yes, its amazing how much we’ve grown over just one year bro. Esp considering we’re just an informal grouping heheh!

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