24th National Day – Tunas Bangsa

[audio:Kool and the Gang – Celebration.mp3]
Jenny M was spinning this number on the radio on my way home just now… How apt!

What a morning it was! The weather was clear, the turnout was awesome, and the event, picture perfect! 24 years of independence celebrated in one full-on morning. The number of photographers must have tripled from last year! Anyway, these are some of the pics from this morning. The rest of the pics are here 🙂 Enjoy!


National day is a time for reflecting…


I think this was my shot of the day…


Mr Biryani, Gunpowder, and Rock Music



Mr & Mrs BR 🙂


Mr Kembara



Mr & Mrs Saloo



Our awesome athletes who just came back from a successful games in Thailand


That hand belongs to someone’s daddy 😉

BFF Freestyle

Nearly 40 photogs from BruneiForever Forum descended upon the field this morning…

Author: Reedz

17 thoughts on “24th National Day – Tunas Bangsa

  1. hehe lawa2 gambar nya hehe 😀 really shud have stuck beside you. Hahahha got just one picture yang sama .. hehehe

  2. Assalammualaikum, Reeda, thanks for taking my pic. You are a great sport! By the way, this morning’s event was great!! Picture perfect!!

  3. BabyGirl: yes rugi besar tu… everyone can watch the parade in the comfort of their living rooms, but then they don’t “feel” the occasion heheh

    Headache: tks heheh… no need to stick beside me bro… there are infinite “kodak moments” especially during events like this morning… just need to see what’s not there 🙂

    Liza: wslm, no worries hehe! Sampat lagi posing tuuu heheh!

    az.i.an: awu lurus tu.. jangan diubah lagi hehehe!

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  6. I still remember our first meeting and outing at JC, one table for 6 only… I’m glad to see how the team had grown and most important is to see more and more of the younger generation taking interest in photography.

  7. SyazliE: Yeah it was a fantastic opportunity to capture the group.. unfortunately some of us were missing at that time 🙁

    Nonnie: Mo-tai-ye Ah-mui 😛

    UI: Awu next year, Babu Kitchen atu tepaksatah booking awal tu eh 🙂

    Zul: Jangan cakap… rehat tah ko dulu… hahahah

    kanta: Yes, its amazing how much we’ve grown over just one year bro. Esp considering we’re just an informal grouping heheh!

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