Beautiful Souls – Pusat Ehsan feature

About Pusat Ehsan: The Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam was set up originally as a day care centre by PAPDA. Since its official opening on 1 st October 2000, it has occupied a prominent role in meeting the needs of the individuals with physical and mental disabilities, particularly in the Brunei-Muara District. This day care centre also provides services for early intervention and skills training for children with special needs to prepare them with the necessary foundation for either entry to mainstream schools or sheltered programmes within the centre.

Pics taken on Friday during a presentation ceremony held by the secretarial students from Sekolah Perdagangan (Business School) to mark the end of their social responsibility activities at Pusat Ehsan. Gifts and certificates as a token of appreciation were presented to Pusat Ehsan and to the students that were being taught at Pusat Ehsan.


Handing over certificates to the students


Guest of Honour with Center Director



One of the students admiring his certificate

Sixteen final year students from BDTVEC National Diploma in Secretarial Studies (ND/SCR/02) of Sekolah Perdagangan from two groups calling themselves Vis-à-vis and Exquisite 8 extended a helping hand to the students of Pusat Ehsan, Bengkurong by conducting voluntary lessons in keyboarding and typewriting which started on the 6 February until 22 February 2008.




The project was to instill social responsibility among the secretarial students, to ensure that even special need students can develop their IT knowledge despite their weaknesses and disabilities, in hopes that other parties would follow suit in carrying out such charitable activities.

According to the Business Project supervisor Cikgu Hjh Zaiton Bte Hj Mohd Salleh of secretarial studies, the objective of the project was let students experience organizing real events, thereby preparing them for the time when they would have to organize similar projects or events.


Some of the students are such jokers heheh





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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Souls – Pusat Ehsan feature

  1. 2 quick questions:

    1) Would there be anything for an adult with physical and mental disabilities?

    2) Do they differentiate between those who were born with these disabilities and those who for example, sustained these disabilities through a road accident?

    Thanks 🙂

  2. tina: Miss Maurina would probably be in a better position to answer your questions since her dad runs the center heheh!

    I was told the age range of the students at pusat ehsan goes all the way to 40, so I guess that includes the adult demographic

    I’m not sure how to answer your second question, but one of my old buddies who became disabled through an accident is a regular there, so both birth or sustained disabled are welcome at the center.

  3. Tin tin, I don’t run the centre, but from what I know/seen, they usually differentiate the different forms of disabilities rather than how they got it since there are different ways of handling each one; say, autism, or muteness, inability to move around freely, or whatever lah.

    I don’t think how they got the disabilities are differentiated, unless maybe addressing it contributes to one’s health and progress (e.g. an adult who just got a disability from a road accident may benefit from more counselling to get into grips with his fate in the beginning).

  4. According to the information I’ve managed to collect, I’ve been told that Pusat Ehsan doesn’t accept adults who are physically/mentally disabled through road accidents, only those for whom it stemmed from birth. If this is true then adults who sustain such disabilities through road accidents are sorely in need of a community and rehabilitation centre but then again I could have just been given the wrong information.

    Would there be an email address I can use to contact the centre to find out more?

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