Belait Travel Fair – Be there or be Square!!!


Big shout-out to Tim & Donna, the biker couple who I met on my way down to Seria this morning. Tim & Donna, you guys ROCK!


Pic taken by Tim (bonza shot moite!) I do pine for a return to biking one of these days… and having da missus to share the open road experience with would be such a bonus 😉 (ada macam mengampu bunyinya? heheh!)

If you got plans other than going to OGDC this weekend, you’d better CANCEL them! Kalau penggilan gitau nda blaku! Kalau kraja gitau MC! Kalau offshore catch the first chopper back onshore! Kalau blayar pospon! Kalau ke-Miri singgah lu di Seria! Cos there’s just no other place to be this weekend than in Seria at the OGDC where the BELAIT TRAVEL FAIR will be taking place!! Click here to find out more!









Author: Reedz

14 thoughts on “Belait Travel Fair – Be there or be Square!!!

  1. If anyone is planning to go on holiday this year, I seriously recommend that you buy at the ABACUS Travel Fair cos’ the price is cheaper if you buy it early. When Bunny and Daboys came to Australia, they bought their airplane tickets earlier and saved over B$3,000 for five tickets. Cool eh!

    AB, congrats on winning the best nominator for the Best Speciality Blog. Well written piece I must say! Good luck on the overall blog award!

  2. Pablo: ya I heard about those crazy deals during the travel fair! Its definitely worthwhile to come down to the travel fair to get yourself some real bargains for holidays this year! Tks for the wishes on the overall blog award 🙂

  3. Pablo, Thanks for sharing your great experience during the Abacus Travel Fair. Annual travel fair in Belait is jointly organise with Royal Brunei Airlines and we call it Belait Travel Fair. Yes, there will be a lot of rock bottom airfares available during the travel fair. Wishing good luck and all the best in your final year. Cheers.

  4. bah calling all BruneiForever crew, marilah sama2 meramaikan our Belait Travel Fair, looking forward to see ya all there 🙂

  5. Reeds,

    Wahhh, promotion banar tu! Sampai penggilan bagitau nda belaku? Hahaha. I thought we, Bruneians, never miss a free meal? Huhuhu.

    Btw, Best 914 and DJ 60 Saat will start at 8pm if you guys are interested. It’s at that hall in Tutong. I know – I’m great help with the venue.

  6. Yup, tomorrow night it is! It’s at the Dewan Kemasyuarakatan (sp?) Tutong. Dunno where that is wor so I’m hitching a ride from someone. Haha.

    If you win loads of Royal Skies Miles, gimme some ah! Share share.

  7. Waseh, Ab ah. Naik motor. Hehe. I want to be on the backseat of the Don’s bike one day. Tapi nda tau if ia mampu terangkat with me behind or not ah. Huhuh.

    And who knows, maybe I can get one of my own. 🙂

  8. I pray that one day you’d come to JC riding a bike, with abigail strapped around your shoulder ala ala Renegade hehehe

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