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Pusat Ehsan Online!

Before going to Pusat Ehsan yesterday, I was in Seria for the awesome travel fair. On my way back, I saw this house in Seria which I used to pass by every single day on my way to school. I knew roughly the story behind the house, but now, the entire story has been made available at a blog created specifically to highlight the Mak family’s plight. This is of course, just one side of the story… you make up your own mind. Check it out here.


Pics taken during the launching of Pusat Ehsan’s very own website yesterday afternoon. It was held in conjunction with a National Day celebration at the center, with all sorts of fun activities like colouring contest, flying fox, and handicraft sales. Thank you to Brunei Times for sponsoring the website!


Guest of Honour launching the website


How it looks on a Macbook


Flyiiing Fox!


Handicraft sales


Hellew Ruby, tks for the invite 🙂


Mommy filming her brave little boy (below)



Couldn’t help playing with Abigail’s settings… hee heee


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  • Al March 3, 2008, 9:14 am

    See that you and Abigail moved on to the next stage already, huh? Starting to explore each other a bit more… LoL

  • anakbrunei March 3, 2008, 9:40 pm

    Al: Oh that sounded so WRONG! Hahahah!

  • Maurina Hamid March 4, 2008, 6:48 am

    Hehehe Reeda taking pictures of my family again I see!!! Why don’t you just move in? *mental* Hahahah. Nadabah, sebenarnya aku suka.

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