At the Book Fair

Finally got to the book fair last night and boy was it PACKED! I guess everyone decided to go to the book fair at the last minute heheh! This year’s venue is a vast improvement from last year’s sauna experience.

Some good bargains were on offer, but the range of books left a bit to be desired. I focused my attention on the computer booths, and ended up buying a 133x 4gb CF card for under 50 bucks. I think that was a bargain, unless someone can correct me heheh!

The highlight of the night was coming across these creative young Bruneian artists who had just launched the first issue of their manga comic called Xibit. Very impressive work I must say! Even my cartoonist friend thinks so!


Ambuyart aka Denny (center) with his mates at the Xibit booth


Whoooaaaa! Siok ceritanya! (Pic by NIA)


Looking for bargain photography mags. Unfortunately most have been snapped up earlier… πŸ™


Plenty of books, just not my kind πŸ™


I remember playing with these geometric templates… FUN!


Alan Delon looking haggard from the hectic week…


The notebooks were going for a song… wish I had deeper pockets but I dont, so just see lor.. heheh



Author: Reedz

4 thoughts on “At the Book Fair

  1. ROFL @ the Delon strike, kenapa inda Belon ? Heheh … πŸ˜€ Kesian si Alan … heheh πŸ˜€

    And Bro, about the photography mags, I bought ’em all … hahah … 10 days at ICC and the mags were very helpful … I even bought one called Tennis, The Year in Pictures, which was actually quite a good read, had great pictures in it … And after reading all the mags, masih jua Aku Bukan Pro !!! Hahah πŸ˜€

    And also, thanx for dropping by the booth … πŸ˜€

  2. I haven’t seen one friend for a while, didn’t expect to see him here. XD, woah ! they really published the comic, he had been talking about it since last year. which reminds me he promised to treat me if the comic is published. hwahahaha. thanks for reminding me in a way. he’s the one next to ambuyart above the watermark.

  3. Hm…

    I wondered how does the manga look like? Are there any sponsors to pay for the cost of publications or it’s paid by the mangaka themselves??

    I’ve dreamt to become a mangaka too but I was worried that people in Brunei are not too much into it.

    Having to see this makes me change my viewpoint. I shall continue my manga lesson soon.

    Thank you~
    mi-chan yori~

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