Cycling Sunday Morning

For breakfast this morning, I caught a different kind of biker. Not the thumping rumbling v-twin totin’ kind of biker but the human powered, pedaling kind. Still two-wheeled though heheh…


YB Minister of Development leading a huge bunch of cyclists on a Sunday morning ride


Nah keluar banar kan? 😀


Love the floral print… says hawaiian beach party to me


Festina? Never heard of it



Its great to see the young uns taking part as well


Can you tell where these pics were taken from that background?

Author: Reedz

9 thoughts on “Cycling Sunday Morning

  1. What does the winner get? A free photo session kah? Haha.
    Or do we get to have Abigail for the day? 😛

  2. Hehehe rupanya uncle ku atu .. main biskal ia.Hehehe ia arah picture number one hehe cuba teka mana satu ia hehehe

  3. it wasn’t a competition, it’s an expidition organised by Perumahan department. AB, I know where this was taken. In front of Beribi fuel station. I saw you taking these pics.. was taking pics of them throughout the event, but haven’t posted it yet. i was using the green kawasaki 10R sports bike when i passed you.. hehehe

  4. u shot me? ouch.. hahahahaha leme check ur site… i’ve posted some of my pics at my site too..

  5. I was there also… hahha…
    AB thanks for masukkan my pic dalam ur website ah…
    I was just kidding… when i said masuk dalam blog… haha kalinya banar ani wah..
    Btw i link ur website ah.. hehe

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