Sarawak Travel Fair

This fair concluded last night, and I managed to catch the tail end of it which was a performance by virtuoso sape player, Jerry Kamit, an internationally acclaimed musician who has performed in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Jakarta, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand and Japan. Jerry was accompanied by a group of traditional dancers from Sarawak as well. Hats off to Sarawak Tourism Board on a successful roadshow.


Jerry Kamit, virtuoso sape player


Traditional Dayak dancer


I like the tradtional gear… reminds me of Apocalypto for some reason…


The audience was mesmerized by Jerry’s magic sape stylings


Mario (bukan nama sebenar) trying out the new moves…


Adventure Zack with his new friend


Snapped these two young ladies on my way up the escalator…
pretty random thing to do but it was good fun 🙂

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