The Berry Wan Hotpot Experience

Nestled snugly at a corner unit in the midst of shophouses between Gadong and Menglait is a little gem of a place known as Berry Wan Hotpot… intriguing name eh? Well, last night, our new old (? heheh) friends from Twelv, Danny and Wyna, kindly invited us to dinner at their second favourite joint (after Twelv of course heheh!). So the usual suspects and I trooped into Berry Wan Hotpot.

The place is situated at the building next to HSBC Gadong where the Ideal mart used to be. Its a nice cosy joint with room for 30 or so. As the name, which incidentally is the name of the owner, suggests, the place specializes in hotpot or steamboat cuisine. You pick up what you want from the buffet spread and just chuck it into the boiling stock in the hotpot. By the end of the night, the stock becomes so unbelievably tasty from the flavours of all the ingredients being cooked in it!

The food was great, the company excellent as usual, and we had a jolly good meal (a rather healthy one I might add heheh!). Everyone was happily satiated by the end of the night. Aaaahhhh…… If you’re keen on hotpot and steamboat, I reckon you should come on down and give this place a try! It’s open from 5pm to 11pm everyday. Come early or late cos in between, it’ll be PACKED! For reservations, call 8747333. Check out more reviews here and here.


At 10 bucks for adults and 6 bucks for kids 7 to 12, its bonza value for money!


Eggs starting the buffet spread 🙂


Condiments on this end


Quite a number of different dishes to choose from





I tried Danny’s super secret sauce in my broth… nda nampak telinga tarus geng….


Multitasking with the hotpot and the camera 🙂


Another satisfied customer! *BURP*

From the Ruai Lounge:

gembo : Pics of ur Berrywan dinner had us drooling..Will try it out tonight..mrs.gembo.. 8O


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8 thoughts on “The Berry Wan Hotpot Experience

  1. I just had to get a truckload of tissue paper to wipe off the liquid smearing from my mouth down to the chin and onto earth. Hahahaha.. Damn, never thought that place was THAT good. I’m sure gona come down there soon! =D

  2. Hahaha! Atu tesliur banar! Yes its a die die must try joint! We shud have one of our BFF meets there hehe! Tepaksa taruh “Closed for private function” tarus toh! heheh!

  3. ders a new and upcoming new restaurant selling authentic hotpot korean and japanese….next to J.Lim and chung dental at gadong near incomm….dat place looks very nice…watch out for the opening soon by pines restaurant

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