Horton is a hoot!

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karyawan uswah hasanah
Picture above borrowed from KaryaWan.org

Decorative Lines 25 Large

Big shoutout to da gangsta on speaking out against net bullies, especially the lowest of the low type, i.e. the “anonymous” commenters.

Personally I don’t give much credence to anonymous commenters who for reasons only known to themselves, feel compelled to write negative or deragotary remarks on people’s sites. This species of human beings are affectionately known as trolls and a general rule of thumb is “never feed the troll”. Which means don’t respond to these people because that’s exactly what they want. They derive some sort of perverse pleasure from any kind of response.

Hence, I am in full support of deleting such comments before they get out of hand. A measure which I have had to take on some occasions.

Decorative Lines 25 Large

Pics taken during Empire Cinema’s premiere of DJ night where cinema-goers got to enjoy Horton Hears a Who in the company of their favorite DJ’s. It was a fun evening with the DJ’s livening things up and having photo ops with their fans.

Horton was a BLAST! I think everyone including yours truly had a rollicking good time watching the movie! If you haven’t watched this movie, I would heartily recommend it as a great weekend movie to catch with your loved ones.


Group pic


These little buggers are da BOMB! The dealer’s in the background…


Interacting with the crowd


I love these VIP seats






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10 thoughts on “Horton is a hoot!

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  2. Bro! It’s high time that you speak out on this too. I’m with you on this. I have nothing against anonymous chatters but those with an agenda to defame others , especially bloggers.. cheh!!! It is just like an arson attacker. Someone who throw stone at your house, breaking the glass and run away.. so that no one can tell who they really are. Well, one day, what goes around.. will come around.
    I’m for responsble blogging. If they have something to say, come up with an identity and be part of a debate. I am here not to attack personalities but to be part of a dicussion group, on how our society can be progressive!

  3. …and another thing someone had done to my blog today was posting a comment with links which were actually viruses. Luckily the antivirus programme in my laptop works, if not…

  4. Pablo: Thats right, so the moral of the story is, don’t feed the trolls heheh!

    Zul: Baik tah sewa spyder cibui ah calibrate yr LCD heheh! Adakah ardam! UI got it right! Kuih kinkin!

    Princess Nashwa: πŸ˜€

  5. Cool pictures Reeda, MVision Cinemas thank you for your attendance for the DJ Night (watching the movie twice in one day too). πŸ™‚

    – KT

  6. bro – your site is very informative and recommendations spot on! Berrywan was a worthwhile experience and Horton? We went with in laws and nieces and its a blast. The kids learnt a big lesson too. Keep up the good work bro. btw, housewarming insyaAllah in 4 – 5 weeks time.

  7. Katherina: Thank you for having me! I enjoyed the movie immensely πŸ™‚

    gembo: thank you for your kind words bro. Am glad u enjoyed Berry Wan Hotpot. Now I’m craving for hotpot too heheh!

    Horton was a blast wasn’t it? heheh! watched it 3 times!!! The kids loved it!

    Look forward to the official launch of casa gembo πŸ˜€

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