Got this SMS from my buddy Nicky this morning:

Hi friends check out the latest cafe in town -CheezBox (ex-dome)! 20% off soft opening today! Lots of new delicacies n dessert n more






Author: Reedz

6 thoughts on “Cheeezu-Boxu-Desu!

  1. bro, now i’m guilty of not going to gadong for kuite a while. man i really hve to try it out, mebbe tonight. hehehe

    btw im syafik with a “kue”, my keyboard’s gone haywire: the “kue”, “a” and “xee” button r not working. XS


  2. yeax, just beez there .. they even providez freez computer there on the side tablez so u donz need to bring your laptop for free surfing!! Cool idea!!! I hatez my heavy laptop!!

  3. I like the place, they have makeover the place and …I like it…… must try the cakes especially the Ultimate Chocolate cake with soft centre……..yummm delicious… and the menu price are all very reasonable………

  4. 5 of us in groupz last nite. food 5 stars so far (some food not ready, many food are new for brunei eaterz), coffee nice 4.5 stars (better thaz coffeezone for me), wifi not ready yet (they said high speed 1MB and above when ready), smoking area not ready yet (can stand or got messz chair down there), desserts (mustz eat eat eat) 9.9 stars (agreed with stella), signboard (take more photoz plz …! good skill!!) best i seen in bandar or brunei, like those we saw in overseas only macam hardrockz atau planet hollywood lastimz in orchard rd. goinz there 2nite again walaupun no wifi yet haha, cya. plz get wifi ready plzzzz

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