BFF turns 1

Congratulations to Nol and Anna on their engagement yesterday! Looking forward to the big day!

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Members of the Brunei Forever Forum, our informal local photography group, held its first year anniversary celebration at Blue Eden Cafe in Kiulap yesterday afternoon. True to its informal nature, it was an informal and FUN gathering of around 40 members, some with their families. We had various games and activities, including a game to guess the value of some of the members’ gear put on a table. Guess how much it was worth? Over 40k! Now thats some heavy metal! Check out the article in Brunei Times today 🙂


Part of the crowd. Some turned up later.


There was a bunny photoshoot




Our host for the day. Terima kasih banyak2 to you and your staff at BE bro! Heheh


Demonstrating the use of a wireless mic


The Rock, introducing himself


Our youngest attendee (I meant the baby)


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  1. Great gathering, chehhh my uncle(host) really did a great function for kamu2~ Syaf in the last photO!

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