Sacred Legacy

Pics taken during the opening of the Sacred Legacy photo exhibit at the Brunei Museum yesterday afternoon. This unique photographic exhibition explores the extraordinary diversity among Native American peoples, their culture and history, the diversity of American society, and of course, the technical and aesthetic achievement of the photographer, Edward S. Curtis.

The images really illustrate the man’s artistry in portrait, landscape, and still life photography. Shutterbugs in general will learn a great deal from looking at Curtis’ works. I know I did! The exhibition will go on until 7th April, so come on down to the museum and view these superb pictures, and perhaps even learn a thing or two! Click here for an excellent write-up on the exhibit by the sax player.


Ambassador Skodon welcoming everyone


Part of the crowd


YB Minster of Culture Youth & Sports cutting the ribbon


Viewing the superb pieces


Former colleagues catching up 🙂



The Singaporean High Commissioner, a fellow shutterbug,
enjoying the exhibit with the Japanese Ambassador


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