Up the Brunei River eating Tandoori Naan

Last night, I finally tried out the Tandoor.com (still think its a silly name heheh) river cruise dinner with a whole group of people including da gangsta. The crowd was an awesome bunch of young (and young-at-heart heheh) and fun-loving folks who made the three hour cruise feel so short. The food was mostly northern Indian cuisine as would be expected heheh.

Towards the end of the cruise, we were treated to an impromptu magic show by one of the diners. All in all, a satisfying experience, which would have probably been much better had it been a lunch cruise as we’d have been able to take in the sights of the Brunei river instead of the pitch black views of the river by night 🙂


Scubabum, da cuz, and the wetsuit woman



The lads





Scubabum kickin it with the crew of Tanjung Bekarang







Part of the dining group. I think there were at least 60 people on board.
The biggest crowd they had so far 🙂

Author: Reedz

9 thoughts on “Up the Brunei River eating Tandoori Naan

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  2. dont mean to hassle but i think the name is brilliant! its confussion in its name is what made people talk about it. Excellent marketting in my opinion, =)

  3. Hunnie: Yes it was an enjoyable evening! The food was typical north indian fare with naan bread, mutton curry, and other grilled meats.

    Adam: I agree 100%. A silly name can be brilliant marketing-wise. But these guys are driving free traffic to the REAL tandoor.com so yeah, if that was a price they were deliberately willing to pay, then I say why not? I like your site btw 🙂 brilliant pics!

  4. [email protected]: if u mean u want to book the cruise, i.e. just the boat, you need to get the appropriate forms from marine department and apply to use the boat. There’s a waiting list I’m told 🙂

    If you mean u want to make reservations for the river cruise makan, then I guess you go to tandoor dot com as the restaurant name suggest… unless of course it was a gimmick to start with and now it back fires cos tandoor dot com isnt the website at all hee hee!

  5. i was there on the cruise and i enjoyed it. thinking of gathering all family members to go! the food is expensive when you have to pay $2 for drinks and another $2 for desserts(optional)

  6. im definitely interested with such river cruises. somehow i still couldnt get it how to book the cruise. how much does it cost for that grouped-cruise? what about if its only for private function?

    thanks- Amanda

    1. Hi Amanda, I’m not sure if this particular cruise is still operating, but Dream Charters are definitely offering dinner cruises. Do call Aideen on 7119744 for more information. Enjoy your dinner cruise! 🙂

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