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7 Hills 7 Challenges

photo by RJ63


Yes folks thats what this year’s SMARTER Seven Hills Challenge is all about, aside from raising funds for the Autism Adult Center. Its about the seven essential living skills that these special kids need to learn as they transition into adulthood. They are:

  1. Personal Management
  2. Home Management
  3. Leisure and Spiritual Management
  4. Academic Skills Management
  5. Vocational Management
  6. Employment Management
  7. Family Life Management


Registration and donation time


Presenting certificates to the sponsors, DST Group and Kristal-Astro. MUCHAS GRACIAS!


Warming up!


Safety prayer before starting the hike


Sharing a light moment at the beginning of the hike




This year, there was definitely a larger turn-out. Which is fantastic because it means more and more people are becoming aware of Autism and its related issues


The crew who set up at every hill


Many many t-shirts were sold!


Some people are just more fit than others.. gggrrrr


How can you run and smile at the same time?? Haha!


This little fella was on the look out for FOOD!

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  • SMARTER Pressident April 28, 2008, 11:01 am

    Dear AB,

    Thank you for your constent support tye coverage have been marvellous and I wish to thanks to all participants who joined us for the challenges it was definitely an enjoyable day for me and all at SMARTER and i hope everyone also enjoyed themselves that day. every essential skills that we have to teachour children with Autism is an uphill challenges and in the beginning it is definitely difficult and but if you have the motivation it becomes easier. Now imagine what we parents have to go through everyday with our children with Autism but for our unconditional love for our children we do it without complain and with all your support we are able to overcome these challenges. Thank you to all and see you all again next year for new challenges.
    Thank a million to everyone


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