Brunei ICT Career Day

Pics below taken during the launching ceremony of the BICT Career Day which is being held at the International Convention Centre in Berakas. Present as the guest of honour was Dato Seri Paduka Eussoff Agaki Hj Ismail, the Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office.

As I wrote in my CNET Asia piece:

…its a one-stop event where job seekers can speak to potential employers, get feedback on the certifications they require, then approach training institutions to check on the cost involved. It doesn’t end there though.

These job-seekers, having been furnished with these two key pieces of information, can then approach the AiTi booth. AiTi, in an effort to address the lack of local ICT capacity currently has a program which subsidizes these job seekers in their selected certification courses by up to 80 percent!

There we have it, a completed cycle all done under one roof. I say it’s about time! Hats off to IFB for organizing such an event for the first time here in Brunei Darussalam.

The response has been phenomenal such that by the end of this day, it will have exceeded a thousand visitors! Not quite consumer fair numbers, but then, this is a niche event and for its niche, the figure is nothing short of OUTSTANDING. More about the event here, here, here, and here.


GOH giving his opening remarks


Signing the electronic plaque



Visiting the iCentre stand


One of the incubatees at the iCentre explaining his business to the GOH


GOH getting a briefing from TAIB official


Capt Sheikh Rashid from RBA answering a query from the GOH


The Micronet International College booth


The AiTi posse


Brunei Shell officials preparing to receive visitors


Hjh Norleha from Telbru explaining their corporate structure


Scubabum pissed off cos some parking idiot blocked her car! Grrrr!


iCentre folks goofin around heheh!

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5 thoughts on “Brunei ICT Career Day

  1. Overall, IFB Career’s Day was a success!

    Grats to all involved, you’ve set the new Gold standard for ICT exhibitions in Brunei. And I hear that next year’s Career’s Day will be mind-bogglingly better.

    PS: I wish I used a comb before you took that photo …

  2. wahahah.. FYI… after two hours of waiting.. my car was still blocked. Thanks to Ming Soon who parked legally but reversed his car to “rescue” 6 other cars that had been blocked by some inconsiderate souls!

  3. izamryan: credit also goes to AiTi for the tremendous support given to the event. Next time I’ll bring a HAIRBRUSH for you! heheh!

    Zul: A hairbrush is what he needs to keep his jet black curly locks in place!

    Scubabum: unbelievable!! I hope you put a note on that idiot’s windshield!

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