The WyWy saga concludes

I have been pretty quiet on this whole fiasco since it happened nearly two months ago, simply because there were too many questions left unanswered to arrive at any solid conclusions. Finally, a press conference was jointly held this morning by the management of WyWy Restaurants and officials from Halal Food Control Section of the Syariah Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs. Click here to give YOUR response to a public poll regarding this issue.

wywy2 wywy1

The respective press statements


The media being briefed



Prayer recital by official from MORA after the press conference


The buffet


MORA officials enjoying their meal… its all good

Author: Reedz

19 thoughts on “The WyWy saga concludes

  1. nada tegas eh halal haram section ani. Allah Adil. biar kan tia. Non muslim tau bah kitani melayu islam inda makan lard (minyak babi). atu kan satu penipuan besar to all muslims eating thier pau. Halal ingredeints is one thing, but do most of chef’s make up to should i say 90% non muslims cook know about HALAL and HARAM ehtically??

    so the questions are there but yet soo dificult to answer. If i were a chinese owner, and knowing brunei market are malay muslim majority as a i buinessman, I would never have the dream of using lard. So who is particularly to blame?

    this shows lack of tolerance and a big slap on the face. Just see how the offcials are enjoying thier “FREE food.” To me its a disgrace, 1st you embush thier cafe, pork fat was confirmed and somehow.. like its only a minor issue.

    I believe the license holder is a muslim, thats all. just look at their cooks. how many muslims can u count? the indian cud be hindus for all u know.

    i am bitter cause i felt cheated and seeing halal haram section subdued and compromise. tsk tsk.. all i can say.. inda tegas. so in the future, barang haram jadi halal jua akhir nya. but I hope we malay muslims are not gullible. Seriously, with the money ive got I would replace most of the non-muslims chefs.

    Allah bless us all…


  2. alat utensil termasuk jua meja, kerusi, tile lantai, welcome mats, kepala sink … atu banyak kan digantinya tu … heheh πŸ˜›

    And Happy B’day Reeds ! Makin basar udah ey ! πŸ˜€

  3. famie: I can understand your bitterness and frustration, but do u think maybe that its because tuhan atu adil jua that both parties were able to reach an amicable settlement? i.e. the authorities’ eyes were opened to the fact that the contamination was unintended (tidak senghaja) and the hearts of the restaurant owners were calmed so that they did not take further legal action… food for thought… (pun intended) πŸ™‚

    Oh, by the way, Mualaf is right, there are 32,849,343 muslims in China alone so don’t go inter-changing the words “chinese” and “non-muslim” as if they are synonymous. Its quite rude actually.

  4. Thankfully, there is a clarification now. For a period of time, people I knew were frustrated to find that nothing has come out of this debacle, just a few leaked documents. Which is not enough, in my opinion. But, alhamdulillah, ada jua penyelesaian. At least someone’s doing something.

  5. I think they have to be more transparent than this.

    How did the pencemaran yang tidak disengajakan berlaku happen? They said it was in the “bahan” or ingredients which they say are available in all shops in Brunei. Are they meaning to say these ingredients were the source? Do we have to throw away similar ingredients?

    Was it the cook who was non-muslim and didn’t wash his/her hands who contaminated the ingredents?

    Was it the utensils used to make the pau? Or worse, the same place to make non-halal paus.

    These questions were not answered in the press release

  6. β€œ80 RESTORAN TIDAK PENUHI STANDARD FATWA MUFTI BRUNEI”, antara lain menyatakan: β€œUntuk restoran yang dilabel β€˜Halal’, ia mesti memenuhi kesemua tiga kriteria yang ditetapkan oleh Fatwa Mufti Kerajaan Brunei, iaitu: pemilik beragama Islam, dikendali oleh orang yang beragama Islam dan tukang masak beragama Islam.”
    Media Permata 3 Disember 2003.

    So there u go…U guys shud go and read FATWA MUFTI KERAJAAN…. πŸ™‚ if u guys dont believe it.

  7. Frankly peeps, aside this restaurant issue, I’m a Chinese but I have noticed that in two different supermarkets, an item was displayed in the normal section but in another supermarket it was only to be found at the non-halal section. Perhaps its the authorities who are in charge of this issue as well, in addition to issuing a “halal” license to a restaurant as well.

    There are many other restaurants who are labelled halal. They think that by not serving pork, they are considered halal. But that is just naive on their part and lax on the part of the authorities.

  8. Salam,
    firstly I apologise for making differences between the label “chinese” and non-muslim. Maybe its not fair for me to just mentioned about thier race. But the Truth is tarang tarang yang memasak Bangsa Cina (CHINESE) . muslim or non muslim, Walah waklam.

    Thats the point brother anakbrunei, Sengaja kah inda tersengaja, Barang atu masuk kedapur dengan tidak memikirkan majority muslim patrons yang makan sana. One question, MUNASABAH kah?

    Containminated to me means = It was deliberately Added. ok lah Umat islam buka mata sekarang. Im still doubtful letter halal & haram atu. Inda apa plehan lahan slowly terbonkar jua tu.

    satu saja pesan “Tepuk dada tanya selera” so halal & haram section Fatwa kitani cana? thanks RAPI3R


  9. Look guys…… im not trying to be bias here but do u think that they are just a consumer, just like everybody.

    To my understanding, as what was published, its the INGREDIENTS which are contaminated which are locally purchased on the open-shelve (halal sect) in the markets everywhere. So, dont u ever wonder if the same contaminated product used are in our own kitchen now as we speak? Well, im not surprise!… What do u think of OTHER restaurants, stalls, vendors? Have u ever wonder if they are using the same products in their kitchen? Well the chances is there though…… Bertawakal saja! If the relevant authority knew about it, let them held responsible for all the sins.

    Basically, I dont know these people but i do own a restaurant myself and i dont think i’ll be able to solve things like this. Its a matter of dignity and integrity. Its easy to make comment but extremely painful to those who suffer. So, what do u think? What happen if u r in their shoes? Who do you BLAME now? Is it the suppliers or the consumers? Always look back before going ahead, i’m sure there must be an answer to it.

    (” A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others”).

  10. “Its easy to make comment but extremely painful to those who suffer. So, what do u think? What happen if u r in their shoes? Who do you BLAME now?”

    Thats a two way street dude. Do not say that only the owner of a restaurant suffered. The victims ie the patrons also suffer when they pay food that was suppose to be halal is actually not halal. The food stays in the body for 40 long days before its out of the system.

  11. Assalamualaikum,

    Contaminated atu bukan ertinya “it was deliberately added” tapi it means pencemaran.

    Cubatah, e.g. The water is contaminated nda jua kan di translate jadi air itu “was deliberately added” ulung jua bunyi nya tu.. tarang2 salah…hehe

    Iatah, kalau kitani sendiri sudah salah faham maksud atau niat orang, kan menimbulkan masaalah macamiani not to mention fitnah.

    which means yang positive bulih jadi negative dan sebaliknya yang negative atu jadi positive lah..?

    betul => salah and haram => halal

    Cematu maksud biskita?

    Adakah kita sendiri merasa was was selepas bersalam sama orang yang bukan beragama islam, di khuatiri ia memegang anjing sebelum atu?

    Adakah kita membawa sudu dan garpu sendiri ke restoran Dynasty or Empire di takuti bagas di pakai orang yang bukan berugama islam?

    Pikirlah dengan sewajarnya…


  12. wow… its get hot in here.. erm.. no comment. Pokok nya me nda lagi mkn di sana. if rasa was was nda jua pedah kan. Lagi pun byk lagi restaurant boleh di aga =D.

  13. salaaammm….

    biar tia bah kes restoran wywy atu slasai udah tu.. klw udah kana samak sgala barang d restoran atu ertinya bersih lah dari sgala najis.. apa lah! islam atu senang bah, bahapa kn d susah2 kan? bnar ja?

    lagipun klw nda kena serbu, sampai bila2 kitani nda tau yg kitani termakan benda haram nah.. ertinya bekraja jua sudah bahagian halal haram atu, ertinya ada udah niat untuk menjaga permakanan orang islam d nargi kitani.. org brunei ani tah, pkara udah selasai atu, kira slasai tah, jgn tah luan kn besar2kan bah, byk lagi pkara lain kan d pikirkan.. bila tah melayu brunei ani kn maju ni? klw nda puas hati, cari plang pulau, sendiri mentadbir pulau atu nah.. insya allah sndiri tah mncari makanan, sndiri jua mmbangun kemajuan pulau biskita atu nah.. buat nargi baru nah, sndiri jadi pemerintah.. amacam? setuju? πŸ™‚ baik lagi ada unit mnjaga permakanan tani, klw nada bah masih lagi doa tani nda makbul pasl makan makanan haram.. klw nda mau was was, sndiri betanam tanaman nah, sndiri buat cucur pisang, sndiri masak kangkung, sndiri mnangkap lauk, sndiri mnyambalih ayam/krabau.. yang kan d ketahui ni, sanggup kerrr buat sndiri? i dont zhink so….

    klw was was kan besalam sama orang bukan islam jangan plang besalam, abis ceta.. kna ucap ambung pebaik, nda tah kira tu pasl diri sndiri was was kn be salam dgn org bukan islam.. well, sundri bikin laaahh.. klw kn bawa sudu garpu ke empire atau dynasty atu bawa plang, nda jua ada dalam kitab mmbagitau mmbawa sudu garpu sendiri haram hukumnya..

    moral dari komen ku ani, klw masih was was jangan d aga, tanya liur, makan lah d mana suka.. akhir sekali, maju lah sukan untuk negara.. brunei yakin! :)wallahu a’laam! πŸ™‚ selamat berpuasa n ber hari rayaa.. πŸ™‚

  14. simple jua ganya deh.. mun sdh was-was jgn lgi mkn dsana, abis crita, tutup kes!
    mun yakin, go ahead nada org mlarang, perut kmu n usin kmu..!
    tpi mun ragu jua masih tpi at d same time ksana jua masih.. then sndiri mau ingatlh.. kalo makan sesuatu yg kitani nda yakin kehalalannya.. inda buleh 2 lai.. aga refer arh cigu ugama kmu lgi mun lupa..!

    apalh kmu ani.. kitani ani ada pilihan.. make a wise one..
    sndiri mau ingat lh..


  15. Well, it is a good thing that the government made a public statement about this matter.

    It really made me wonder about the ingredients that the restaurant used to make those pau. From the list of ingredients that the restaurant published in the newspaper, I am pretty sure that the ingredients can easily be found in the halal section of any supermarket in Brunei.

    I just hope the government will disclose which of the ingredients used are not halal.

    With this findings, it also rises the question on how much can we trust the halal labels?

  16. WyWy’s still got my support. I think they wont be so stupid to shoot themselves on the foot.

    They are the most successful local restaurant franchise… why in the world would they risk it?

    I personally would still go and eat there… I think they are a good local restaurant and I’m proud of them… innovative and lots of choice.

    and if you guys don’t wanna go? Our gain .. less people to crowd WYWY πŸ˜‰

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