World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

This year, we celebrate WTISD under the theme “Connecting Persons With Disabilities: ICT Opportunities For All” and ITU member countries are urged to focus on this theme and address the special requirements of those with special needs. This should be taken into account in all actions and projects targeting the use and access of ICT, not only as a way to widen ICT opportunities for the ‘physically and mentally challenged’ but also as a way to accelerate bridging the digital divide and contribute to the development of the telecommunication sector as a whole.

This celebration was jointly supported by the Special Education Unit of Ministry of Education, Land Transport Department of Ministry of Communication, Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru), DST Group, B-Mobile Sdn Bhd, CfBT Learning Centre, Infocom Federation of Brunei (IFB), and


YB Pehin giving his address with a realtime sign-language interpreter on the screen


One of the top students getting her award


Another special award recipient for outstanding academic achievement


My ex-classmate’s daughter also received an award. Congratulations!


Noralizurainee giving an awesome presentation on how he reads and writes
as a visually impaired person. In his words, “Braille is too slow for me…”


Some of the invited guests and sponsors


Someone give this guy a comb!

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