The broken filters

How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time
through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone?

R Buckminster Fuller

Have a thoughtful weekend everyone! Don’t forget to drink lots of water 🙂




Mission was finally accomplished for the 2008 AB and Friends Pyjama Night with the presentation of the cheque to SMARTER Brunei yesterday at the Empire Cinema. Feels good to finally present the cheque 🙂 Tks RJ63 for being on hand to take the pics! Heheh!


On to the topic for today, i.e. broken filters. Over the last few weeks, the filter on my Sigma 70-200 lens broke not once but TWICE! Fortunately it was just the filter and not the lens itself! Mun nda, nangis nda belagu tuuuu…


During a media briefing, I reached into my bag to get my 70-200 and this is what I found…


Entering the MacGyver Zone… WTH was I planning to do with a tiny pair of scissors???


After MacGyvering the filter off, a brand new one was put on. That lasted only a couple of weeks until the Rugby finals when it took a tumble together with me! Stay-tuned for that episode…

Author: Reedz

8 thoughts on “The broken filters

  1. Eh…

    Teh GO! for students issss reaalllyy tempting…

    I wonder what is BM gona do about that?

  2. I have the photo of your broken filter during the rugby finals, I’ll email it to you tonight.

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