Nikon Roadshow at Manggis Mall

Pics taken during the Nikon Roadshow which has been running since Friday at Huaho Manggis Mall. It was great that the Nikon team from KL came down here to take care of their customers by conducting workshops and seminars on the Nikon system and photography in general (this is a not so subtle hint to the CANON distributor!). The big disappointment however, was that the monster D3 was no where to be seen except for copies of the brochure. Not sure why… maybe too few Nikon users in Brunei? Hahahah jan marah geeeng!




This pic and the one below were taken using the bonza
Canon EF 70-200mm 2.8L IS lens on my humble EOS350D



The front row gang


Calvin Ng from PhotoKK shared some tips and showed us some of his inspirational works


Good student must ask many many question…


Man being poisoned….


Poison administered 😀

Author: Reedz

5 thoughts on “Nikon Roadshow at Manggis Mall

  1. heya Reedz. we just went there this afternoon. anyway, kami masih lagi torn between getting, 40d (85mm) or 40d (body only).

    im thinking of saving (going cheap) by just getting the good ol’ 55-250mm too. ^^

    (berasap sudah kepala ni mikirkan… thinking of how in the future such offer will come again, or i can always tunggu belayar)

  2. *lol* that’s what you call Front Row Gang haha… good students with many questions or attentive students with no questions :p ….. btw what was it that AR said? Nikon brings out the skin natural tone… haha..

  3. We went to molest some lenses for our D80. Am trying to convince other half that we NEED a good zoom lens for the baby of course…all those sports days and school plays that we will be attending as hardcore stage parents :p

  4. i-zum: go for the 40D body and get the Sigma 18-200 OS hee hee!

    underseaserenity: ya ooo very kwai sit in front! yes nikon very natural one.. naturally 😛

    tina: too bad they din have the BIGGER and THICKER lenses for you to molest eh? Yes! The 70-200 2.8 would be compulsory for hardcore parents attending their child’s school plays and sports days!

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