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Kurapak Blog – Wednesday, 28 May 2008
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A BIG congratulations to one of our very own, Souljah of Stupidlogic on bagging 1st place in last weekend’s youth photography competition. Souljah will be representing Brunei Darussalam for the “ASEAN+3 Youth Festival Photography Competition” in Singapore from July 28 to Aug 3. Well done chief! Click here for the full story.

Was discussing this over breakfast this morning and Mr AR had an interesting take on the fair and how instead of the bike-a-thon, all the energy fair participants could have supported the other event that was taking place that morning, the Tasek Climbathon. There’s some sense in his outlook as the pie is already small as it is, in terms of people participating in the events held during the weekends. So why not combine some of the events and have more participants instead?


Nice to see you K 🙂


Pedal to the metal!


Me: “Are you tired?” Lady: “No lah! Where got!”

IMG_6467 IMG_6498







Author: Reedz

4 thoughts on “Energy Fair 2008

  1. Salam Bro and AR, there is a possibility to combine the events. However, it is not easy to implement.

  2. Precisely bro… not easy but not impossible either yea? Just takes a bit a guts and lateral thinking 🙂

    Tks for the gift btw bro! I love the design!

  3. Hey..i just noticed the pics..
    And i also notived that you haven’t sent in any pics for the photography contest..Its $150 for the winning pic..what have you got to lose? antar ah..i like your pics..:) email me
    for more info..

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