Pesta Kerjaya 2008


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Pics taken yesterday, the last day of the Pesta Kerjaya 2008 organized by the Labour Department, Ministry of Home Affairs. It was a successful and well organized event judging from the record number of jobseekers who visited the fair.

All exhibitors at the fair received quite a few job applications. Brunei Methanol Co received about 200 applications for the various positions available, Abdul Razak Holdings received about 400, and Royal Brunei Airlines received over 100 as well.

One thing I found quite odd about the job fair was the many PARENTS who came to the fair looking for jobs for their children! That says a lot about the level commitment of their kids who cant even be bothered to turn up in person at the job fair doesnt it? Even odder are PARENTS who insist on coming along to the job interviews being conducted at the fair! I mean there’s such a thing as doting parents, but you gotta draw the line somewhere eh?



Registering at the Labour Department booth


Wanna be a financial planner?


The Telbru booth doing brisk “business” heheh πŸ˜‰


Riyana of ARH explaining the type of jobs available


The Standard Chartered booth was also quite busy


BEDB was hiring as well for its various projects like SPARK and iCentre


The friendly b-mobile ladies


My friends from BMC… hellewww πŸ˜›


Perhaps a career in the food & beverage industry?


or how bout a DJ?

Author: Reedz

6 thoughts on “Pesta Kerjaya 2008

  1. Reedz,

    Why no picture of audition at RTB’s booth? Huhu.

    Surprisingly some 30 odd people auditioned yesterday.. on the spot, there and then! Kudos.

    Odd story to share: this young lady wanted to win a prize by answering a quiz we were holding but the dad said no…. i was like, eh?

    Have a great Sunday!!!

  2. Al: my apologies for the omission mate! I thought I’d put the pic in. Wow 30 potential DJ’s huh? Some new voices will be heard on the airwaves soon then? heheh! Yr odd story… BULIIIIEEEEEHHHH??? Maybe her dad just didnt want her mixing with riff-raff the likes of you… HAHAHA!

  3. Now a days resumes and interviews have become an art it self which requires a lot of coaching from experts in this field. So much so that resume writers and interview specialist have found a niche in the market. Its all about hitting the nail right on the head so as to speak. There’s no second takes…

  4. JS: absolutely agree with you on that one! Sadly, many young people walk into an interview totally unprepared, which can only result in failure…

  5. Dear… Thankz for posting our pic… Btw, Gud job… We BMC young Team love to take pix… Hehehe Where’s the other pix? Can I have a look?

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