The Art to Heart Exhibition


Decorative Lines 25 Large

Pics taken during the opening of the Art to Heart Exhibition organized by the Brunei Art Forum or BAF. The exhibition is the first of the many exhibitions that the new executive members of BAF feel is important in reviving BAF. The BAF hoped that it would create a greater awareness of the existence of BAF particularly amongst all the artists in Brunei.  At the same time BAF is extremely pleased with the opening of the Museum Arts Gallery and given the opportunity to utilize the facility for the exhibition.


Artists would be able to sell their works and part of the proceeds would be donated to the Myammar and Chinese disaster funds.  Certainly the new executive members are excited of the future prospects of the arts in Brunei.


The inception of the BAF was in November 2002, when a group of expatriate artists came together and organised the Guests in Brunei Exhibition.  From then on, this group of artists believed that there was “a basis for the exchange, development and presentation of artistic ideas” and the need for a formalization of the group. They also felt that it was important to have a common aim towards connecting with each other rather than just concentrating on individual projects.







Author: Reedz