More from CMMA 2008

Pics from the final day at CMMA 2008. Headin’ home tomorrow morning! Yayyy!

CommunicAsia Day One 038

How bout a RED Hummer Phone? Schweeet eh?

CommunicAsia Day One 033

The toughest notebook in the world

CommunicAsia Day One 013

Michael from Fast Innovations Asia, manufacturers of the stickkey RFID tags

CommunicAsia Day One 075

A dual simmed phone from China… interesting idea but I’ve yet to see an elegant implementation of dual sim phones. This one still doesn’t quite cut it unfortunately…

CommunicAsia Day One 062 CommunicAsia Day One 056

More phone babes heheh

CommunicAsia Day One 108

With a huge South Asian contingent coming to the expo, the owner of the Indian Restaurant was raking it in with the 16 dollar lunch buffet!

CommunicAsia Day One 112

One of the speakers at the Summit

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  1. I don’t suppose you managed to get me one of those stunning red Hummer phones? :p

    CMMA 2008 looks like it outdid itself once again. I’m hoping to be there next year.

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