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Randoms from Lion City

I’m back! And all geared up for tomorrow’s “Bersama Rakyat” event in BSB! In the meantime, here are some random shots from the two day web 2.0 pow wow which I attended in Singapore over the last two days. It was an awesome session conducted by Jeff Kelly from Web 2.0 University. A fantastic speaker who really opened our eyes to the current developments in the web and enterprise arena. I’m so pumped up to implement some of the ideas that have come to me from attending this session.


Met Zippy on the flight out. She was headed for Tokyo… some people have all the fun!


Ainee’s brain is churning overtime! Yayyyy!


Not sure what Jeff was trying to explain to Peggy but it certainly wasn’t Web 2.0!


This was taken by my partner in crime, Ainee


Maladie and Peggy enjoying their lunch

IMG_5481 IMG_5480

On the way home… again taken by Ainee 🙂 Siok eh ada co-photog ani heheh!


In case someone missed the part where I mentioned the class we were attending…


The reason why I dared not venture into the camera shops in Singapore….


I’m on an L trip.. dontcha know it??

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  • CL July 19, 2008, 7:12 pm

    Welcome home AB! Apakan “L” trip ani? better get rest for tomorrow.. there were heaps of people today in KB + loadssss of SLRs around :p

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