Bowling with the Benjamins

Pics taken during the IFB – BAG Bowling Event which took place at the Empire this afternoon. It was a great way to loosen up and destress after a hectic week at work. Must do this more often heheh! PS: Yours truly decided not to bowl yesterday just to give a chance to others la… there is no charge for awesomeness! 😛



Team Alif… I wonder if they won heheh

IMG_6287 IMG_6448

Right: The Godfather watching over the games…


Vincent to Louis: “You guys will NEVER win!”


Full concentration…

IMG_6442 IMG_6446


i-Center Hotties


Some people just came for the food…



The “Lau Chiau” team…

Author: Reedz

6 thoughts on “Bowling with the Benjamins

  1. CL: I often hear this phrase being used to denote “old timers” hehe… although I could be completely wrong!

    Nonnie: haha well as long as its not BLUE bird!!!

    Bruneian Bowlers: Awu siok ah? I really felt like joining in tapi apa bleh buat, kan membagi peluang org muda2.. heheheh

  2. direct translation I believe is… OLD BIRD??? But.. banyak lain lain interpretations tu…. hahahhaha

    Hey Nonnie what’s a BLUE bird?

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