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Blog against hate

A message from Senor Pablo which I support whole-heartedly:

Dear friends….

nohatersIt has come to my attention that certain blogs have been target of hate comments and I feel the attacks on bloggers are on the increase. I can document them if you wish but I sense this sentiment is a growing concern amongst bloggers, including myself. I think it is time that we… bloggers put a stop or at least come out with our views on this type of Internet bullying or best educate them the best way to appreciate our blogs.. Most of the commenters are anonymous or come under guise names. It is not that we are afraid of bad comments or criticism. However, some commentors used the opportunity of being anonymous by doing personal attacks on the bloggers themselves.

I personally have no problem with readers exchanging views on certain issues and topics but personal attacks are not exactly the kind of material that we all are looking for. I mean bloggers have dedicate their time in sharing the posts/stories and photos. If readers are not happy with our blogs or the way we write.. that is fine but I see that most of us bloggers are responsible in what we write. My only concern is that some readers are using their anonymous status to ‘stab in the dark’. This is non ethical to me.

So, with this button on your blog.. it signify that as bloggers, we do not tolerate such behaviour and hopefully educate readers that they are welcome to read and make comments. If there is any issue that they want to raise personally. ..it is better to meet in person rather than having a shot in the dark. If they do not favour such blogs.. there are other 250 blogs or millions globally for them to blog hop.

cheers and God bless..


PS if you think this is a worthy cause, please forward to your bloggers friends to join this campaign.

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  • concernblogger August 12, 2008, 12:49 pm

    yeah..i am totally agree with you…and i think Brunei should enforce a law for those people yg buat catu and i think eventough durng buat nama durng ‘anonymous’, i think the experts can track their real identity and by doing that..we can charges them against the law mcm Malaysia..

  • Azmi August 12, 2008, 2:46 pm

    This is so true. Their comments are personal and sometimes unrelated to whatever the post made by the blogger. It’s time we take action before it really gets out of control like HYS.

  • Brunei Lifestyler August 25, 2008, 8:16 am

    Thanks SP for raising this issue. Things like this happen whether in the real or virtual world. Did you guys read on a news months back on a US teenage girl who committed suicide because someone attacked her personally on her blog, calling her names and all?

    Anyway, it is time, as concernblogger said, that Brunei should enforce a law on Internet harassment. There should be some kind of control on Internet usage and the big question would be on how to implement them. Wassalam

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