Chimpers Chimping – Part 1

Chimping is a term used in digital photography (especially when using a digital single-lens reflex camera) to describe the habit of checking every photo on the on-camera display (LCD) immediately after capture.

Earlier this year, I mentioned that I’d do a series on chimping. Well, now’s as good a time as any other 🙂







Author: Reedz

14 thoughts on “Chimpers Chimping – Part 1

  1. hehehe santai banar Ahim atu hehehe.d lady atas gmbr ahim atu was using that green ring lense…wOw!

  2. hey..that's me.. HM's Bday last Babu's Kitchen… rite? hehehe….And..Ahim…duduk tak sopan betul… heheheheh memang penat giler ni….

  3. When was that eh? At Babu's kitchen but not during HM's birthday or National day, I was using BFF Polo shirt without blazer. Probably during HM's bercemar duli bersama rakyat at BSB?… or some other event. Kenapatan tia chimping…

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