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Saturday morning walkabout

Eversince starting at The Firm, my weekends have become “longer” since Saturdays and Sundays are off days. It’s quite nice because the kids are at school and I’m pretty much free to roam around while waiting to pick them up from school. The Mall is a favorite photo hunting venue. There’s always something happening there, particularly during payday weekend!

Yesterday, there was the BIBD roadshow event at the concourse, and at the Body Shop, there was a Domestic Violence Awareness campaign together with a Lomography Mini Exhibition. I’m quite apprehensive about heading to the Mall today, but if you’re feeling brave, why not join the hordes over there!


This little fella was on show…



So was this little 6.1 Litre Hemi powered box on wheels…


Ahhh a familiar sight….


The donation box at Body Shop


Bob’s LOMO baby called Diana I think 🙂

Get your photo taken with Lomography cameras by LomoBru members. Donate B$2 to the charity or buy the Body Shop’s Lip Care, receive daisies and get your photos taken for free. You’ll get to choose what camera you want to be taken photo of with – there’s LC-A’s, Diana F+, Fisheye 2 with these accessories: Tunnelvision lens, Ringflash – and with these styles: multi-exposure, or overlapping edges. LomoBru will also be having its mini exhibition on Lomography, photos will be displayed there. And also, the first LomoWall in Brunei.


For 2 bucks, you get LOMOfied!


Making a point to Bob that I can also do less than perfect arty pics with Elektra 😛


Really cool fish-eye pics… hmmm *eyes 8mm Fish-eye lens*

IMG_2255 IMG_2259

Me taking a HOLGA for a whirl. Bob standing by her displays 🙂

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  • ny August 31, 2008, 11:39 pm

    Hey Reeda, thanx for the expired films! it was awesome! u wudnt believe hw uve saved us today cz we ran out of films and jz whn we were all running out of clicks..somebody came with a bag full of goodies from you! Thanx alot! it lasted us d whole day and u shudve seen hw we all gt so excited on sumthing expired! 🙂 On behalf of Lomobru, we thank you for it!

  • anakbrunei September 1, 2008, 11:54 am

    No worries ny, great to know the films were put to good use! Do send me some scanned pics from the day yeah? Esp the one with me in it heheh!

  • bob September 1, 2008, 2:05 pm

    Reeda! must agree with ny. I was over the moon with it. Especially those that were 6years expired! and the post above this was rather hysterical. I say you do look good with a holga! Perhaps you should invest in one 🙂

  • anakbrunei September 3, 2008, 2:34 pm

    bob: haha didnt realize those films expired 6 yrs ago! Lomography is fascinating indeed! Ya ya maybe I’ll buy a Holga soon heheh!

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