Teochew Mooncakes

Teochew style mooncakes are different from the usual mooncakes that we are used to seeing in supermarkets and specialty shops. These mooncakes have a flaky skin which is similar to puff pastry. The filling is typically yam instead of the usual red-bean or lotus paste. Different as it may be from traditional mooncakes, E of Foodie Tales and Senor Pablo will agree, it simply ROCKS!

They cost B$5.00 with yolk and B$4.50 without. Fantastic little snack for breaking fast this ramadan. To order, call 8779930 or email [email protected]




These are the deft pair of hands which magically produce wonderful gastronomic delights…


Skilled hands with lines to tell they’ve been through a whole lot…


Yes, these hands belong to my mother… the best mum in the whole wide world!
I love you mummy πŸ™‚




Author: Reedz

7 thoughts on “Teochew Mooncakes

  1. Hello Ab – what a nice post πŸ™‚ and after looking at your pics, I am so glad I have placed an order for 6 pieces to be picked up later today. E.

  2. Hi heard so much abt your mum’s mookcake and just collected 8 pcs of the Teochew Mooncake at noon. Going to have some this evening with a cup of green tea.

  3. E: tks and thank you for your order πŸ™‚

    Annie: How did you like yr mooncakes with your green tea?

    CL: No problem your mooncakes will be ready after 9th Sept πŸ™‚ You must be having a WHALE of a time down unda!!

  4. wooHOoooo thanks AB… I’m looking forward to those yummy mooncakes which I’m missing out on at the moment… no whales, no sharks boohOOooo haha.. :p

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