Jasmine’s Cuppy Cakes

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Finally got to try THE cupcakes from the Kitchen of Jasmine which recently despatched a whole lot of cupcakes to several offices around the country as the prime sponsor for the KristalFM OFFICE OLYMPICS. Turns out the folks behind the Kitchen of Jasmine are two friends who share almost the same first name as me heheh!

The cupcakes came in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla (I think). Everyone agreed that the chocolate ones were the best! As da sista sed, “You can tell they used some quali’y chocklit, u know wot I mean?” 😉


I love the color scheme on these cakes!


The patterns and decorations are so dainty!



Little Arief about to chomp on one of the cupcakes!


Seal of approval from da little man!

Author: Reedz

6 thoughts on “Jasmine’s Cuppy Cakes

  1. Thanks for the comment!! Great pictures of the cupcakes – better than what we can do on our blog!?!! Haha!! Glad the cupcakes well well appreciated! 🙂

  2. Shirelle: yup thats ma boy heheh! Yup the cuppycakes taste as good as they look!

    CL: Soooo desu nehhh!

    Che: He’s a natural poseur isn’t he? 😀

    lisadragon: yeah! cupcakes n Arief are best of friends now!

    JK: no worries girls, and the cupcakes were surely appreciated! Looking forward to trying yr giant pavlova!! 😀

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