Acar dan kayupuk di Inderaloka Biru

Greetings from overcast Singapore! Last night, I dropped by Blue Eden (the now defacto night time hangout for BFF members heheh) to do a sampling of my mum’s acar. I certainly did not expect such a large crowd, hence the limited amount of kayupuk heheh! Sorry ah! Nanti lagi lanja kayupuk! These pics were all taken with the Lumix LX3 WITHOUT flash. Do not attempt this without a f2.0 lens compact camera 😛

I left Elektra at home this trip, so all the pics will be from the Lumix LX3 (which I’ve named Brigette hee hee)


Large crowd gathered to watch the soccer


Passing the kayupuk around



Man U supporters??


Hengsem boy wit his companion 😉


Hellew Dragondbond, Ripzter and GG 🙂


Website sapa lagi diliat atu?


After paying for my drink (which turned out the be on the house! Thank you Boss BE!)

Author: Reedz

3 thoughts on “Acar dan kayupuk di Inderaloka Biru

  1. Man utd fans need to have a “base” to match Le Stadium Reds…so calling to all cafe owners in brunei…any takers?? hehehe 😛

  2. Blue Eden’s owner is Man Utd fan so drop by there during Man Utd games, there will be a lot of MU ppl!

    Nice pics AB, it looks good in low lighting conditions!

    & Hehe we missed you yesterday at the temple outing~~!

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