Sighting the New Moon at Shahbandar

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Last night, I had the opportunity to join the media gang in covering the moon sighting at bukit shahbandar. I met the headboy there, together with several officials from the relevant government agencies including survey department and religious affairs department. It was a fascinating experience for sure!


We got there just before 6pm and after an arduous climb up the rickety steps, we got to the sighting station. The view from the station was breath taking!


All eyes peeled to the skyline


State of the art equipment being used to track the sun and the moon… canggih eh!


“Is that it?”… “No maybe not”



It got darker and darker… still no sign of the new moon…


View from the top. I think the lights are from the Empire Golf Course


Everyone was either getting phone calls or SMS’es from anxious relatives and friends asking for blow by blow accounts of the sighting


The sighting was concluded with a small sungkai meal…

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