Mee Rebus at Casa Pablo

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To world leaders: As citizens, we call for a global public "buy-in" to tackle the financial meltdown, instead of a "bailout" of reckless bankers. We urge you to agree on a bold public rescue package without further delay – taking stakes in the banks, fixing failings, and mobilising public investment to benefit the many not the few.

Watching the markets freefall, we know this crisis will utterly change our daily lives — we’re not just spectators any more, and we’re seeing something new –- people and governments directly intervening in the chaos that until now was controlled by reckless and greedy financiers.

Today and all weekend, extraordinary choices will be made by the world’s most powerful finance ministers, meeting to decide our response to the financial crisis. Together, we must make sure that governments don’t just use our money to bail out the banks, but claim a share of public ownership in these institutions for our future, and oversight powers to fundamentally fix the wider system.

We’ll deliver our call for a global buy-in package in 36 hours to G7 finance ministers and again to a bigger Global Crisis Summit planned for November — please sign the petition at the link below, and forward this email to everyone you know. The decisions made this week will shape our lives for years to come:


Click the pic to sign the petition NOW!

Decorative Lines 25 Large

It was mee rebus night at Casa Pablo couple of nights ago when SP had his open house…




The group shot taken with SP’s speedlight mounted which was twice the size of Brigette!


Kit kat, Amber, and Mango Cheese Cuppy Cakes! I loike!







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