Baiduri fetes customers in style

It was a sizzling affair… literally! Last night, Baiduri Group held a Hari Raya/Appreciation dinner for its customers and staff. While enjoying the sumptuous spread (loved the assam fish but didnt take any pics!) guests were entertained by Baiduri staff, Saiful Apek, and of course, little Agnes Monika, the current Indonesian pop powerhouse.


Pierre giving his welcoming remarks


Indonesia’s answer to Britney?


Staff performance


Smiles abound


Saiful Apek and his co-performer, one of the contestants from Raja Lawak


Some of the VIP guests



Hello Hani!


One of them is a handbag lover…


S A S S Y  M I S S Y


Almost didn’t recognize her without her face paint… 🙂


Million dollar smile!

Author: Reedz

10 thoughts on “Baiduri fetes customers in style

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  2. I think handbag lover is the one on the right. Without the tudung. Am I right or am I right? Haha 😛

    AB, any chance that you can hook me up with Agnes? I’ll be eternally grateful. You’ll even get a signed copy of her latest album!

  3. Wow, I was there that nite and Agnes was precious that nite..She is so At home with her performance. Her’ $$$ smile’ pix is wonderful..for those who could nt come up close with her, glad the Screen capture her looks and talents precisely.

    Apek was a surprise bonus that nite..he really can tenglor. I could not help but rakam his ‘Aspalela’ song for one of the pal’s niece ‘4 yr old gal who loves to sing this one..A great memory. Im definite his fan.

  4. Makmur: Stay tuned for MORE pics of Agnes! 😉

    Al: u’re absolutely right! Sure I’ll hook u up with Agnes.. u want her number?

    leez: Yes she’s a dynamite performer for sure

    Billy: yeah u shud’ve been there bro.. heck most of yr other bros were there! hahaha!

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