Syawal Buffet at the Rizqun Coffehouse

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After the Ramadhan crowds, it was nice to sit down for a quiet dinner at the Rizqun Coffeehouse last night to enjoy their Syawal Buffet.


At B$21.00 still darned good value.


The spread was still as good as it was during Ramadhan


Chef making sure eveything is in place


Noodle station


Pickles come with condiments


Wantan noodles?


The starter plate



The mains




Author: Reedz

4 thoughts on “Syawal Buffet at the Rizqun Coffehouse

  1. Salam Bro, just want to say about Worldfon. My cousin, Aziz (currently in America) is enjoying using Worldfon to call me and his relatives. He finds it cheaper using worldfon to cal his friends and relatives. The line is also clear. Cheers!

  2. Yes.. We agree.. We’ve been living in Brisbane since February and having Worldfon really makes calling our loved ones in Brunei easy! All we need to pay is the monthly fee with Telbru (less than $50.00) and that’s it! Call Brunei anytime… free!

  3. Halim: thats right, the line is much clearer with Worldfon than with MSN or Skype!

    Syafi & Safiya: Thanks for sharing that! I think Worldfon is a great product esp for those who demand greater quality from VoIP type services.

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